Ence signed a CS:GO roster

The representatives of Ence have announced the return of the organization to the professional CS:GO scene.

About 10 months passed after the disbandment of the previous Ence roster. The roster was formed around the famous Finnish sniper Aleksi «allu» Jalli.

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A young talented player Jere «sergej» Salo, who previously used to play in HAVU Gaming, an ex-player of Ence Aleksi «Aleksib» Virolainen, Sami «xseveN» Laasanen and Jani «Aerial» Jussila joined him.

The CMO of Ence eSports Joona «natu» Leppanen commented the signing of the roster in the following way:

"I am beyond excited to have this lineup play for us. Having younger generation players such as sergej, combined with the experience allu brings from his years in international teams, is an intriguing prospect and a project I'm very very much looking forward to start delivering results with time. We know our fans are very excited about our return to CS:GO and they are keen on seeing the guys deliver straight away, but I urge everyone to be patient and give them a chance to grow into something we can all cheer for and be proud of"

The roster of Ence eSports:

Jani «Aerial» Jussila
Aleksi «Aleksib» Virolainen
Aleksi «allu» Jalli
Jere «sergej» Salo
Sami «xseveN» Laasanen