ECS Season 4 Development League was announced

ECS has informed about new details of the upcoming Development League that will lead participants to the main league ECS Season 4.

The competition starts at the beginning of the next season when open qualifiers will begin in the North American and European regions. Two best teams in the each division will get to ECS Season 4 Development League.

ECS #4 DL will consist of eight participants from each region. Teams will play in a Round Robin system with bo2 matches. Two best teams from each region will go to the playoff with bo5 matches. Teams that have become the worst participants of the previous ECS Pro League:, Team Dignitas from Europe and Ghost, Luminosity Gaming from North America will face each other in Development League.

Besides this, ECS will run a contest for the best caster from the community, giving a chance for unknown casters to enter the world of the eSports due to their talents. Aspiring casters will have to cast ESL matches and to send their works to to take part in the contest, having mentioned a name, a surname, an email, Skype link, a link to a YouTube channel and various social media channels.

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A schedule of ECS Season 4 Development League:

Open Qualifiers:

European Qualifier 1: 19-20 August
European Qualifier 2: 22-24 August
North American Qualifier 1: 19-20 August
North American Qualifier 2: 23-25 August

Development League:

Week 1: 29-31 August
Week 2: 2-3 September
Week 3: 5-7 September
Week 4: 8-10 September
Week 5: 12-14 September

Relegation Playoffs: 23-24 September