DreamHack Masters Las Vegas organizers changed the schedule of European qualifiers

DreamHack Masters Las Vegas organizers announced changes in schedules of upcoming European qualifiers.

DreamHack Masters Las Vegas with the prize pool of $450,000 will be scheduled on February 15-19. 16 teams will join LAN-final, and 8 of them will get direct invitations. The last 8 teams will be selected during qualifiers.

Four European slots had to be determined on December 3. However, the organizers found out that many teams could not participate in the open qualifiers and decided to postpone European qualifiers to another date.

Open European qualifiers will start on December 10. 512 teams will join this stage. On the open qualifiers, 8 teams to pass to the next stage will be determined. These teams and 8 teams who have received direct invitations will join closed qualifiers. In this stage, 4 teams to join LAN-final DreamHack Masters Las Vegas will be determined.

Any team can participate in open European qualifier after registration at ESEA.