Dmitry «hooch» Bogdanov joined Elements Pro Gaming

It has become known recently that the Russian eSportsman has become a part of the organization Elements Pro Gaming.

The head of the organization Elements Pro Gaming has informed about replacements in the CS:GO team. Dmitry «hooch» Bogdanov has signed a contract with the organization having replaced Dmitry «facecrack» Alekseyev.

Dmitry Alekseyev used to be in the team since 2014 when the team participated under the tag PiTER. EPG bought out the roster in November and during the time passed under the tag of the organization he could help the team to hold the 2nd place at Hellcase Cup #1 and the 3rd at Global Offensive: Champions League S5.

Dmitry «hooch» Bogdanov played in few semi-professional mixes recently. Gambit eSports was the last professional team for Dmitry, he left the team having given place to Daniil «Zeus» Teslenko.

The roster of Elements Pro Gaming:

Kirill «Boombl4» Mikhailov
Savely «jmqa» Bragin
Alexey «ub1que» Polivanov
Nikita «WaterfallZ» Matveyev
Dmitry «hooch» Bogdanov