DH Bucharest: details of qualifiers

DreamHack ZOWIE Open Bucharest event organizers announced the details of European qualifiers determining teams to join the tour.

The upcoming qualifier will consist of two stages. The first one is open to registration for all teams, but the number of participants is limited by 512 slots. The second stage is a closed qualifier for 16 best teams.

First qualifying stage is going to start on August, 20. The matches will be played according to single elimination bo1 system. Eight best teams of the first stage of open qualifiers will join 8 teams which have already received direct invitations. These teams are as followed:







Space Soldiers


The decider stage of qualifiers will take place on August 21. To join LAN-final the teams will play single elimination bo3 matches in tournament bracket. Teams joining final matches of qualifiers will receive the invitations to DreamHack ZOWIE Open Bucharest 2016. The prize pool of the event is 100 000 USD. The last 6 invitations to offline final will be distributed soon.