cs_summit Review

The first CS:GO tournament from Beyond the Summit company is over. Now it’s time to sum up the results.

cs_summit is the first tournament by Beyond the Summit for CS:GO not Dota 2. Previously, the company conducted six The Summit tournaments for Dota 2 discipline. The main particular feature of the event was that the tournaments were played in the informal environment, and many spectators and players loved that.

Even taking into consideration some cs_summit mistakes, we may tell that the CS:GO debut was successful.

Watching at all participants and their level of performance, I divided the teams into two categories: the teams with a spectacular progress and the disappointing teams.

To the first category, the top 4 teams may be included: SK Gaming, Gambit eSports, OpTic Gaming and Cloud9.

Considering the fact that Cloud 9 previously have taken 5-12 places and have won only one small event for the past 6 months, the results on this tournament were quite good. Besides, the team has been playing with their streamer in the roster, who replaced a main player. Braxton «swag» Pierce who substituted Skadoodle cannot participate in Valve events, as he was accused in point shaving and was banned.

OpTic Gaming managed to surprise the community. Their results of the past 5 months are 12-14 place on The ELEAGUE Major 2017, 9-12 place on DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 and 2 place on iBUYPOWER Invitational 2017 Spring with $16,000 prize pool. That’s all achievements for the stated time. The third place on cs_summit may become a new inspiration for the team and a start of a winning line in the career of esportsmen.

Gambit eSports was the only representative of CIS region in this tournament. Zeus and his team managed to show a good game and make the community happy. Now everyone believed that Gambit eSports could join the top-4 teams, but they’ve managed to become vice-champions of the tournament which proves that the players are purposeful. I think that this team will take prizes not just once in the nearest future.

SK Gaming is one of the representatives of American CS:GO region that takes the leading position in the list of teams that demonstrated a fantastic progress. A legendary team that previously managed to win two Valve Majors in a row, has not been able to show their competitiveness for a long time. For the past 5 months, they took prizes (2nd place on DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017, 3-4 place on The ELEAGUE Major 2017) and demonstrated disappointing game (9-11 place on SL i-League StarSeries #3, 11-12 place on IEM XI — World Championship). However, in the tournament where the giants such as Astralis, Virtus.pro, FaZe Clan and other teams were not presented, SK Gaming show that they deserve their status of the best teams. From now on, SK Gaming is again of the point of the interest of CS:GO community.

In my preview to cs_summit I’ve asked the question who would be able to compete for the prizes. The answer is the following: everyone except for Team Liquid. All teams demonstrated a perfect progress and took 1, 3 and 4 places in the tournament table.

Such teams as Team EnVyUs, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Liquid and GODSENT did not manage to show a good game and took only 5-8 place. This is not an unexpected turn of events, except for Team EnVyUs. Ninjas in Pyjamas as well as GODSENT currently have problems in their career and cannot win a tournament for a long time.

SK Gaming were one of my favorites for this event, and I was right. The Brazilian team put their efforts together and demonstrated what they are capable of. The absence of the strongest teams helped them: they’ve got the champion title, the trophy, and the main prize of $63,750. Some analysts told that Gambit eSports could show a good game, and they were also right. Gambit eSports are the vice-champions of cs_summit.