CS:GO updates, 10.06.16

CS:GO updates, 10.06.16

June 10-th CS:GO update has brought new changes to the game. The most important update became a basic rework of map-pool maps.

Besides, developers deleted a penalty for disconnect and self-kill so that enemy players now receive equal kill reward.  update full patch-list:


  • Added stairs to platform next to B-plant.
  • Updated system of collision for trees models.
  • Fixed render bug with wall hole next to A-plant.
  • Fixed different small bugs.
  • Improved underpass areas visibility to A-plant.



  • Fixed pixelwalk on CT respawn.
  • Fixed texture laps on short and A-plant.
  • Fixed bug with grenadecollision and a van on B-plant.
  • Fixed bug with sounds of van and stairs on A and B apartments.
  • Deleted bugged rendering from CT sniper position.
  • Fixed different small bugs.



  • Fixed different small bugs.



  • Added stairs on B-plant.
  • B-plant top is no longer transparent.
  • Added crate stack near CT-outside.
  • Fixed texture bug on CT-respawn when weapon was lost.
  • Fixed different small bugs.
  • Updated system of clashing with plastic bins.



  • Added spec_player_by_accountid console command, which changes observer’s target onto the player with stated ID.
  • Added spec_lock_to_accountid command, which locks target with special ID.



  • Deleted penalty for self-kill and disconnect. Players do not receive money for a kill and receive equal kill-reward.
  • When the game is ended, a map cannot be prolonged on the official Valve servers.
  • Changed mp_endmatch_votenextmap_keepcurrent console command. When the status is changed to 0, a played map will be removed from the after match voting.
  • cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 2 now shows full hitboxes.
  • Fixed but with journal when the coin was missing in the inventory.



  • Added «Fullscreen» and «Windowed Fullscreen» modes. The first one increases performance, the second one allows quickly switch back to desktop.