CS:GO update

CS:GO update

June 25, CS:GO developers have released new patch with ESL Cologne 2016 Stickers. Stickers are available in the game shop and in Community Market Steam.

Half of the price is donated to esports players and organizations.

Teams’ logos and autographs of ESL Cologne (July 5-10, 2016) are among the stickers.

Also, developers released a list of CS:GO game updates. Full list of patch updates find below.

ESL Cologne 2016:

— Added new Stickers with logos of teams, participants’ autographs, Pick’Em and Fantasy game dedicated to the up-coming ESL Cologne 2016 CS:GO Major Championship;

— Added new special codes of authentication. Using these codes players can bet on Pick’Em Challenge and Fantasy Team not only in the game, but in the other websites.


—  GOTV broadcasts now correctly show statistic data about connected proxy servers and clients;

— CS:GO broadcasts are now reliable for connecting Steam and CS:GO (using +tv_advertise_watchable 1 +tv_relay addr:port when connecting).


— Added new sounds for entering and leaving lobby;

— Updated sounds for the following weapon: Nova, Sawed Off и XM1014;

— Fixed bug when sound of in-hand Molotov would remain to play while a player keeping it had been already dead;

— Increased fidelity of the sound while Molotov is burning on the ground;

— Decreased volume of the sound for in-hand Molotov burning.


— Added new console command cl_spec_swapplayersides to change sides in teams’ names (for LAN events and teams on the stage);

— When in spectator mode, a player is tinted yellow or blue, depending on the team chosen for spectating.


— Restored flex data in studiomdl.