bondik moved to Winstrike

Jan 'wayLander' Rahkonen has left the team and Vlаdуslаv 'bondik' Nеchуроrchuk has taken his place.

wayLander has been on the roster since October 19 last year. Winstrike has held the 3rd place at the CIS Minor and won 3rd Place Pla-In and made it to the Makor tournament with his help. At IEM Katowice Major 2019, Winstrike were not able to show a good result and the team placed 17th-19th as a result.

With regard to the new player of the team Winstrike, Gambit Esports was the last team, in which bondik was. Vladyslav joined it as a player on a trial period on December 31 and left Gambit on March 17.

Now, the roster of Winstrike looks in the following way:

Kirill 'Boombl4' Mikhailov
Aurimas 'Kvik' Kvaksis
David 'n0rb3r7' Danielyan
Georgi 'WorldEdit' Yaskin
Vlаdуslаv 'bondik' Nеchуроrchuk
Daniil 'papisoN' Mescheryakov (coach)