All participants of HTC 2v2 Invitational were determined

The organizers of the tournament HTC 2v2 Invitational have announced the last couple of participants and finished in such way the forming of teams. The last invitation has been given to a pair of players from North - René "cajunb" Borg and Philip "aizy" Aistrup.

The full list of participants of the championship:

Team EnVyUs
FaZe Clan
G2 eSports
Natus Vincere
Team Secret Female
Space Soldiers
Happy and ScreaM
rain and NiKo
shox and kennyS
niko and JUGi
seized and s1mple
cajunb and aizy
zAAz and juliano
Calyx and XANTARES


The tournament will be hosted in Bucharest, Romania on May 13-15. 8 couples, mostly from Europe, will struggle for the prize pool in the sum of $50,000. 4 best teams, according to the results of the group stage, will be moved in a Single Elimination bracket, where will fight in a bo3 format.