AGO Gaming and TyLoo received invitations to Qi Invitational

Today, the organizers of Qi Invitational have told that the tournament had been replenished with two participants.

The team AGO Gaming was invited from Europe and the decision was made to invite TyLoo from the Chinese division.

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Qi Invitational will take place in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on April 24-26. The prize pool will amount $75,000 and the main money prize will be in the sum of $45,000. Teams will start their participation from the group stage. In this stage, teams will be divided into two groups, in which they will play by a GSL system. Qi Invitational is the first tournament in the upcoming series by Qi. Let’s remind that the organization set a goal to enhance the European and Asian CS:GO scene with a help of these tournaments.

The list of participants of Qi Invitational:

AGO Gaming