adreN joined Mythic

Ex-player of Team Liquid, Eric «adreN» Hoag announced joining Mythic team.

In a new roster, he will replace Shawn «withmer» Taylor. This information was confirmed by the captain of the team Alexander «LeX» Deily

Eric Hoag has been playing for Team Liquid since January 2015 till June 2016. During the half of the year, the player managed to visit several LAN-tournaments and received many rewards. His best results are 3-4 place on IEM San Jose and 3-4 place on MLG: Columbus.

Before joining Mythic, Eric Hoag was a free agent.

Mythic roster:

Eric «adreN» Hoag
Alexander «LeX» Deily
Eric «fl0m» Flom
Coby «dizzywi» Meadows
Adam «Polen» Polen