Seized forced to leave the Trident Clan

Recently Mikhail 'tricky' Krutov announced that the Trident Clan themselves decided to go their separate ways with Denis 'seized' Kostin. The main reason for this act on their part was the state of stagnation in the team. Cybersportsmen decided to change the captain, roles and positions in the team.

Tricky said that there was some fuss in the team, but the team is still grateful to Denis for the year of the joint work done. During this time, the ex-NAVI player taught esports players many useful things, but due to the recent stagnation, the team members nevertheless decided to exclude seized and completely change the concept of playing in the roster.

Seized became part of the Trident Clan earlier this year after the club signed his BEZ ZP mix. The last championship in which seized took part was the EPIC CIS League Spring 2021. The Trident Clan finished their way there in the fifth round of the Swiss stage and left the championship before making their way to the final stage of the tournament. At the moment, Denis Kostin has been put up for sale, and at the moment it has not been announced about possible replacements for the captain's place.

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