EPIC CIS League Spring 2021: Gambit Esports advanced to the grand final

The final of the upper bracket ended with a rout for Akuma. On Mirage, Gambit Esports prevailed with a score of 16-5, while on Overpass Akuma managed to take 5 rounds to their credit. The victory in this fight propelled Gambit to the grand final and lowered Akuma to the lower bracket. There, the losing team will fight Virtus.pro and will try to reach the grand final for the second time.

VP, in turn, got to the final of the lower bracket thanks to the triumph in the match against Team Spirit. Chopper with his teammates from Spirit, by the way, took 4th place in the championship and received an award in the form of $ 3,000 and 1,300 rating points.

Today the two remaining matches will be played: Akuma vs Virtus.pro and Gambit Esports vs the winner of the first match.

"What about replays?" - you ask. So we have those!

For example, an interesting moment happened on Mirage. Hobbit switched on SWAT mode and for the defense side with the help of an automatic shotgun kept the onslaught of rivals alone. Eh, sh1ro, you took the ace from the Kazakh!

On the second map, the star sh1ro again shone in the lights of the e-sports sky and Dmitry Sokolov acted in a desperate situation in a desperate situation. I didn't take the round, but I did put your opponents with AWP in my arms.

What are we all about Gambit, yes about Gambit? Here's a replay featuring Akuma's J3kie!

EPIC CIS League 2021 Interim Results


EPIC CIS League 2021 started on May 12 and will end on the 30th. The total prize fund of the rated CIS league is $ 40,000. The winner will take with him $ 15,000 and 1,600 RMR points, which will be needed to advance to the next Major CS: GO tournament, PGL Major Stockholm 2021.