EPIC CIS League 2021: how did the last matches of the lower bracket go?

The next matches in the lower bracketwith the participation of Virtus.pro, Entropiq, NAVI and Team Spirit have come to their end.

In one of them, Krad and his comrades from Entropiq could not take a single card from their opponents, which led the team to defeat. The team took 5-6 place in the standings and received a reward in the form of $ 2,000 and 1,150 rating points.

In another fight, NAVI suddenly failed to take a single card from their opponents in the face of Spirit. "Dragons" put an end to Natus Vincere's performances. This time, "Born to Win" failed to win.

The first map where the teams fought was Mirage. There NAVI was able to take 12 rounds, but did not bring the matter to a victorious end. If there they were able to impose any kind of struggle, then on Dust 2 they expected an even worse result - 8 taken rounds and, as a result, defeat in the championship.

However, it is better to see such matches once yourself than to read about them a hundred times. Fortunately we have a thread of several interesting moments for fans shuterny eSports.

Here, for example, Magixx showed how you can catch the enemy off guard on Mirage, playing as an attack, and win the round with little or no help from your allies.

What about NAVI? Do you still remember the fabulous double-kill from s1mple on Cache, when Alexander was still playing under the Team Liquid tag? S1mple would not be s1mple without such beautiful game moments. On Dust 2, he decided to repeat the AWP double kill trick without using the scope. This time, the moment may not be so exciting and will not receive graffiti on the map, however, nothing prevents him from being one of the brightest highlights of the last match.

Somedieyoung died a heroic death at point B, and his comrade Nikolai 'mir' Bityukov took the initiative and single-handedly killed four Natus Vincere players who had emerged from the tunnel. The duo of brave "dragons" once again showed that the attack on Dust 2 is not the strongest side of Natus Vincere!

Following the results of previous matches, Gambit Esports became the finalist of the upper bracket and in the next confrontation they will try to reach the grand final of the EPIC CIS League 2021.

EPIC CIS League 2021 Interim Results


EPIC CIS League 2021 started on May 12 and will end on the 30th. The total prize fund of the rated CIS league is $ 40,000. The winner will take with him $ 15,000 and 1,600 RMR points, which will be needed to advance to the next Major CS: GO tournament, PGL Major Stockholm 2021.