FLASHPOINT 3: Astralis beat DBL PONEY to reach the semifinals

In the next quarterfinals of the FLASHPOINT 3 upper bracket, Astralis defeated DBL PONEY and advanced to the semifinals of the tournament. In turn, the French team went to the lower bracket, where they will meet with Anonymo.

The match started on the Vertigo map (DBL PONEY choice). However, at the start of the confrontation, it was impossible to say that it was the French who chose the map, since Astralis immediately took over the advantage, taking a series of rounds for defense. As a result, DBL PONEY was able to answer with only two won rounds in half, as it seemed, by going to finish the map. However, the French were able to return to the game. At some point, DBL PONEY came close to the Danes, but was never able to bring the matter to overtime, having recorded the defeat with a score of 13:16.

Nuke kicked off with a quick seven rounds by the French team. However, Astralis was now able to return to the game as well, taking eight rounds in a row for the attack. However, the roller coaster continued after the side change, as the Danes lost their economy by winning two starting rounds and let the opponent go ahead. But the tale ended in round 24, which the Danes turned over and were able to remember the basics of defense, which led to the final victory on the second map - 16:13.

In the semifinals of the tournament, Astralis will play against the winner of the BIG match - mousesports, which will start in a matter of minutes. At the same time, DBL PONEY fell to the second round of the lower bracket, where she will play against Anonymo.


FLASHPOINT 3 runs from May 10th to 30th. As part of the RMR tournament, 16 European teams are competing for the points needed to qualify for PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The organizers will also compete for a small prize pool of $ 50,000. The winner will claim $ 17,000 and 1,600 RMR points.

FLASHPOINT 3 Subtotals