FLASHPOINT 3: mousesports defeated G2 and reached the grand final

The final of the upper bracket of FLASHPOINT 3 has ended, in which the mousesports team defeated G2 with a score of 2: 0 and reached the grand final of the championship. Note that the team's rival in the grand final will be determined on Friday, May 27.

The series began on the map Inferno, which was chosen by the G2 team. However, the attack performed by the Balkan-French could hardly be called ideal, since mousesports often received guests even before entering the site, securing eight rounds in defense early enough. Nevertheless, G2 managed to pull itself together and keep things as close as possible. But everything changed again, as the “mice” immediately seized the initiative and won six rounds in a row. Moreover, even a series of rounds exchanges did not deprive mousesports of the opportunity to close the first map with a 16:10 score.

Nuke started out with dominance from G2, who won ten rounds very quickly. Nevertheless, mousesports was able to pull together and win the fifth round for themselves, laying the foundation for a comeback. Immediately after the change of sides, the "mice" showed that it was not in vain that they chose Nuke as their map. The team constantly hosted G2 on the approaches to the points, winning round after round. As a result, such a confident play from mousesports ensured an easy victory on the second map with a score of 16:13, and at the same time a victory in the series.


FLASHPOINT 3 runs from May 10th to 30th. As part of the RMR tournament, 16 European teams are competing for the points needed to qualify for PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The organizers will also compete for a small prize pool of $ 50,000. The winner will claim $ 17,000 and 1,600 RMR points.