Elmapuddy left Cloud9 for good

Chris 'Elmapuddy' Tebbit announced on his Twitter account that now he has nothing to do with Cloud9 and he is looking for a new esports organization in which he could continue his career. Ex-trainer C9 is considering options with both CS: GO and Valorant.

He thanked everyone for the joint work done and noted in a special way that it was not only a great pleasure to train with CS: GO players, but also a great honor.

Chris Tebbit collaborated with Cloud9 first from September to December 2019 as an assistant coach, and in early 2021 he returned to the ranks of Cloud9 in order to resume work with the shooter roster and became the team's mentor.

Cloud9 announced their retirement from CS: GO during the Cloud9 pandemic. Eric 'Xeppaa' Bach and Ricky 'floppy' Camery decided to change their esports discipline, but continued their collaboration with C9. Now they play under the C9 Blue tag.