Lyngby Vikings unveils new roster

Danish organization Lyngby Vikings has presented an updated CS: GO roster. From now on, only Danish players will represent the team.

Lyngby Vikings invited three newcomers at once, gathering a lineup around raalz and birdfromsky. It is interesting that the team has played in various combinations over the past weeks, testing, including anarkez and hns. However, the organization decided to abandon its international line-up, parting with FASHR along the way. Recall that the 25-year-old player from the Netherlands has played for the team since January 2021.

The final line-up includes maNkz, Daffu and J3nsyy. The former is known for having played for the Copenhagen Flames until recently. However, the 23-year-old Dane did not come to the court in his former team, from which he left just a few days ago. The second addition to the new roster is Daffu, who once played for the Copenhagen Flames. However, the fate of this player turned out differently, as he remained without a team since January this year. As for J3nsyy, this is a very young player who recently started his journey with Quantum Bellator Fire. Note that OverDrive helped pave the way for the young Dane to the big CS.

Interestingly, in the new combination Lyngby Vikings has already held the first meeting, in which they lost to AGF with a score of 0: 2.

From now on, the Lyngby Vikings line-up is as follows: