NBK- will play for Double Poney in Flashpoint Season 3

FACEIT showed condescension towards Double Poney and expressed their respect for the team that made their way to the championship through the closed qualifier. The organizers of the tournament allowed themselves to deviate a little from the established rules of their regulations and will allow NBK to play as part of Double Poney, despite his contract linking the player with OG. Nevertheless, FACEIT set a condition for him: in the event of a face-to-face meeting between Double Poney and OG, Nathan Schmitt, for obvious reasons, will have to miss the fight, and French player Ex3rcice will take his place.

Flashpoint Season 3 is a European ranking championship that will take place from May 10 to May 30. Information about the prize money is still not available, however, in addition to the cash prizes, the organizers will also give away RMR Points.

The teams will start their way immediately from the playoff stage, which will take place in the double-elimination bracket. Each participant will have the right to make mistakes. Unlike some tournaments, a team that makes it to the Grand Finals through the Upper Bracket will not have the advantage of one map won.