Valve started the fight against boosters in CS: GO

On the reddit forum, one of the guests showed a screenshot of a Steam ban he received from Valve for boosting his account. He lost access to all the games that were in his library.

Valve started fighting CS: GO boosters. Photo 1

Valve reported that it does not approve of dishonest methods of inflating the rank and level of the profile, both on Steam and in CS: GO in particular. For this reason, they decided to issue a lock to this user. They explained their action by the fact that in most cases of account boosting, the owners then sell the accounts to third parties, and this, in turn, is an offense on the Steam site. For this reason, they block the account not only in CS: GO, but also on Steam.

Dota 2 players who like to try their account have also started to close the shop, as they are getting bans on their accounts. In addition, the game has an opportunity to complain about boosters and unfair rating increases due to opponents who are significantly behind the boosters in terms of play.