IEM Summer 2021 has one more member

The match between G2 Esports and FPX Esports turned out to be very unusual, extremely unpredictable, but at the same time very intriguing. FPX Esports began their victorious march with total domination over G2. On Train, they took the upper hand with a score of 16-6, after which NiKo and huNter- and their teammates took out the evil on Mirage, resulting in FPX being able to take only 3 rounds. The final fight took place on Inferno, and the teams finally gave a normal show for the audience. They said "No" to quick matches and brought the game to a 16-11 score. With this result, FPX Esports won and earned themselves a second invite to IEM Summer 2021.

The team became the fourteenth participant in the event. The top ten joined on their merit in past tournaments from ESL, Extra Salt and Imperial Esports earned invitations to the DreamHack Open March in the Americas respectively, while OG were the first to emerge from the European qualifiers.

The closed qualifier for IEM Summer 2021, by the way, will end today.


Intel Extreme Masters 2021 Europe starts on June 3 and ends on the 13th. The total prize fund will be a quarter of a million dollars. In addition, ESL Pro Tour and BLAST Premier rating points will be drawn within the framework of the tournament. The winner will take home a $ 100,000 reward, while the silver medalist will earn $ 42,000.