Three in a row - the third participant withdrew from CBCS Elite League Season 1 due to suspicions of a VAC-ban

Representatives of clubs are broadcasting from the Brazilian horizons, who are forced to withdraw from the rating tournament due to suspicions that one of the team members has a VAC-ban. Keyd/status/1386666379508654089 "> This time the Keyd Stars management is at the microphone. It informs that the team is removed from participation in CBCS Elite League Season 1 to avoid any misunderstandings and thoughts about their unfair treatment of rivals. One of the CS representatives: The Keyd Stars GO roster is under suspicion of having a valid VAC ban.

The team will not take part in tournaments until the proceedings take the necessary momentum and the player is finally charged or acquitted.

All results will be annulled and the opponents will be awarded a technical victory in the upcoming matches. Thus, in the group stage, meetings with three teams are automatically considered victorious.

Earlier, Bears e-Sports, and then DETONA Gaming, withdrew from the competition for the same reason. Clubs do not want to have a lot of reputational damage, and therefore prefer not to participate in the championships than to take part with special suspicion.


CBCS Elite League Season 1 runs from April 22 to May 16. The total prize pool for the championship is R $ 100,000 (~ $ 18,260) and RMR and CBCS Ranking Points. The winner will take home the main reward of R $ 41,500 (~ $ 7,600), 1,600 RMR Points and 1,000 CBCS Points.