CBCS Elite League Season 1: Sharks Esports Will Face MIBR In The Grand Final

The second semifinal match was over. In it, Paqueta Gaming was unable to provide adequate resistance to the players from Sharks Gaming and impose any struggle on them. On Nuke the team was able to take 8 rounds from "Sharks", and on Vertigo the team "squeezed" only 6 rounds from their rivals. The Brazilians finished in 3rd place with $ 1,327 and 1,400 RMR points.

Sharks Esports, in turn, will face off against MIBR in the grand final and will compete with one of the strongest teams in the region for the title of champion and a reward in the form of $ 7,870 and 1,600 RMR points.


CBCS Elite League Season 1 is a Brazilian rating tournament in which 11 teams take part. 5 out of 16 originally scheduled participants withdrew from the event as their players were suspected of having a VAC ban on their accounts.