MIBR are the champions of CBCS Elite League Season 1

The first season of the rating Brazilian league has come to an end. The first pancake, as they say, comes out lumpy, but with grief in half, this event was nevertheless completed. Recall that initially the number of participants was 16 teams, but shortly after the start of the league, five of them found a VAC ban from their players and withdrew from the event to clarify the circumstances.

In the final duel, MIBR and Shakrs Esports fought. The latter showed a very good game and imposed a strong struggle on their opponents on all three maps, however, the representatives of MIBR became the winner. Mirage ended with a score of 16-12 in favor of MIBR, after which the Sharks drew the game on Vertigo, beating opponents there with a score of 16-14. The final fight on Inferno marked the victory of MIBR not only on the map, which, by the way, ended with a score of 16-13, but also in the tournament as a whole.

MIBRs received the main reward of $ 7,870 and 1,600 RMR Points. The vice-champion Sharks Esports, in turn, received a not much smaller prize in the form of 1,500 RMR points, but the cash reward for the Brazilians was $ 3,129.

CBCS Elite League Season 1 ran from April 22 to May 16. The total prize pool was R $ 100,000 (≃ $ 18,964 and 10,000+ RMR Ranking Points.