EPL Season 13: Heroic Wins Second Finalist

Both semifinal confrontations have come to an end. In the first one, Gambit Esports defeated NiP 2-0. In the second, FURIA Esports could not take a single card from the Danes and ended their participation in the tournament.

Thus, NiP and FURIA Esports took 3-4 place in the standings. FURIA Esports received $ 30,000 in reward and NiP managed to earn $ 50,000 thanks to good results in the group stage.

The decisive battle will take place tomorrow. Gambit Esports and Heroic will compete for the right to wear the title of ESL Pro League Season 13 champion and the main cash reward of $ 175,000.



EPL # 13 started on March 8th and will end on April 11th. The total prize pool of the tournament is $ 750,000. The winner will take home $ 175,000 + bonus for won matches in the group stage, and the vice-champion - $ 60,000 + bonus.