Rumor: chrisJ will replace suNny in FPX Esports

Slovak esportsman STYKO, playing for FPX Esports, said that replacements may occur in their squad due to COVID-19. Coronavirus-diagnosed Miikka 'suNny' Kemppi may give his seat to Chris 'chrisJ' de Jong. Martin Stick shared this information on the recent HLTV podcast Confirmed.

There he said the following:

"Apparently, we will return to negotiations with Chris if things work out. The contract has not been signed, but the situation looks much better than a few months ago when the deal fell through. We want to play with each other, he fits our style, and he really good captain. ChrisJ also cheers us up during the game, which is necessary for our team and I think he learned a lot from karrigan. "

SuNny replaced chrisJ in FPX Esports on March 1st. Together with him, the team took third place in Group A at ESL Pro League Season 13 and advanced to the playoffs of the championship.