Winstrike not honoring contractual obligations?

Dmitry 'hooch' Bogdanov, who coached at Winstrike, said that the team left the esports club due to systematic violations of contractual obligations by management.

He wrote a post on Twitlonger, where he spoke about the incident, avoiding the abundance of details.

In the upcoming matches, the CS: GO roster representing the Winstrike banners will play under the ex-Winstrike tag. All esportsmen consider themselves free agents and are ready to consider interesting proposals from esports organizations.

Ex-Winstrike was formed earlier this year after former Hard Legion Esports players Igor 'Forester' Bezotecheskiy and Vladislav 'Krad' Kravchenko joined the team. The team fought in several online championships, but managed to succeed only at Snow Sweet Snow # 2, where they took 3-4 place.

Ex-Winstrike Roster