Rumor: xsepower will join HellRaisers

The well-known CIS insider Alexei 'OverDrive' Biryukov, referring to his sources, said on his Twitter that Bogdan 'xsepower' Chernikov will join HellRaisers as a player on probation.

Bogdan left the starting lineup forZe last month, for which he played for about three years. The owner of the esports organization Sergey 'MegioN' Ignatko did not say the exact reasons for which xsepower left the team, but he said that the player has a difficult character. Probably for this reason the atmosphere in the team left much to be desired.

After jR left the starting HR roster in January of this year, the organization's management began looking for a replacement for the ex-captain. Anarkez and Gospadarov passed the probationary period at HellRaisers.

If the rumor turns out to be true, then the updated roster of HellRaisers will look like this: