MIBR reached the fifth round of Snow Sweet Snow # 2

The bottom two matches of the fourth round have already come to an end. MIBR in one of them defeated Trident Club with a score of 2-0 and accompanied the latter to the exit. Now Trident have lost the opportunity to advance to the playoffs, and MIBR will try in the last round of the main Swiss stage.

In the second lower match of the fourth round, Anonymo Esports managed to defeat Movistar Riders with a similar result.

Four more fights in the fourth round will take place today. One of them will take place in the lower matches, and the other three - in the upper ones. Based on the results of the upper confrontations, we will find out the names of the next three participants in the playoff stage.

[matches_Z7oataJ - C]

Snow Sweet Snow Season 2 runs from February 15th to March 10th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 100,000, and the main prize is $ 40,000.