HAVU Gaming — чемпионы Snow Sweet Snow #2

In the final match, HAVU Gaming fought against AGO. The latter could not take a single card from the Finns, having taken a total of 19 rounds on two of them. For their efforts and the second place, AGO received a consolation prize of $ 7,000.

HAVU Gaming started their journey from the regional group stage and have done a great job on their way to victory.

It is noteworthy that not a single team that received invitations straight to the quarterfinals was able to advance to the semifinals.

Snow Sweet Snow # 2 started on February 2nd. The total prize pool of the championship was $ 100,000. The winner, HAVU, took the main cash prize of $ 47,000. The rest of the prize money was distributed in an unusual way. The top 8 teams of the regional group stage each received $ 1,000, the top 8 of the regional Swiss stage each received $ 2,000, the top eight of the main Swiss stage each earned $ 3,000, and the winners of the first round of the playoffs received another $ 1,000.

Prize pool distribution