All quarter-finalists of Snow Sweet Snow # 2 have been determined

The first round of the Snow Sweet Snow # 2 playoff stage has come to an end, following which four more teams have left the championship. The guys from Anonymo, MiBR, Nemiga and Sinners failed to overcome their first rivals, and given that the championship is held in the single-elimination bracket, they won't have a second chance. All of the above teams left the competition and were placed in 9-12 positions according to its results, which brought them $ 3,000 in prize money.

Note that their opponents, represented by HAVU, Winstrike, Copenhagen Flames and AGO, advanced to the next stage. where they will meet Sprout, Cloud9, Gambit and Ninjas In Pajamas respectively. Note that the last four teams were invited by the organizers immediately to the quarterfinals.