Thoughts: NAVI's dominance in the CIS region has weakened?

Abdul 'degster' Hasanov became a guest of the Respawn podcast, in which he shared his impressions of the current NAVI form.

In his opinion, "Born to Win" does not seem too dominant against the background of other CIS teams. In the opinion of the player Spirit, this happened not because Natus Vincere lost their game form, but rather because of the improvement in it in other representatives of the CIS division:

"It seems to me that the dominance of NAVI in the CIS is declining. At one time no one could beat them. But forZe managed to do it when Zeus was still in NAVI. Then they were beaten by and Gambit. We no longer see them in NAVI the only team in the CIS capable of playing on equal terms with top teams from other regions. This shows that over the years the level in the CIS has grown. "

In addition, Abdul 'degster' Hasanov spoke cautiously about the "festival of CIS teams", which was organized as part of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2021. In his opinion, such results are directly to blame for European teams, which were not in their best shape:

“I do not want to belittle either the merits of my team or the merits of others, but partly in the triumph of the CIS, the role of reshuffles and the bad form of European teams played a role. This is a and the same NAVI will show themselves at the next tournaments. You also need to look at the European teams. I think after this tournament they will have more serious preparation for the matches against our teams. They did not expect such attacks from the CIS. "

Recall that IEM Katowice 2021 has recently ended, where out of the six participants who reached the playoffs, there were four representatives of the CIS region. Gambit defeated VP in the final match 3-1 for $ 400,000. If you missed our tournament review, you can catch up by following this link.