Rumor: niko may replace NBK in OG's CS: GO roster

According to the HLTV portal, OG wants to sign a contract with Nikolai 'niko' Christensen. He is currently listed in the reserve of the Danish organization Heroic. If the information is correct, he will take the place that was vacated after the departure of Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt. Journalists suggest that OG are in the early stages of niko's transition to the ranks of their CS: GO roster.

On February 26, OG announced NBK's departure to the reserve team. This is due to the unsatisfactory results that the team has shown recently. As part of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2021, the team took 13-16 place and received a cash reward of $ 10,000. An interesting observation is that almost immediately after the departure of NBK Heroic announced the departure of niko and b0RUP from the starting line-up. The latter were replaced by sjuush and refrezh.

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