More hints needed - iBUYPOWER wrote cryptic text on Twitter

"Brevity is the sister of talent" - thought the leaders of iBUYPOWER and made the following publication:

More hints needed - iBUYPOWER wrote cryptic text on Twitter. Photo 1

Most likely, the club will return to this e-sports discipline and interesting announcements can be expected from iBUYPOWER.

Fans of the organization assume that the interests of the club will most likely concern the Brazilian players. Let's remind that earlier such players as AZK, Skadoodle, swag, DaZeD and nitr0 performed under the banner of iBUYPOWER.

The American esports organization was embroiled in a scandal in August 2014 when the team took part in a fixed match against Skadoodle is the only player to have escaped being punished and banned at all Valve championships. The reason for this was his rejection of the dark way of earning money.

SK Gaming recently hinted at a return to CS: GO. Just like iBUYPOWER presumably, SK's management will put together a Brazilian roster.