Was it expected? - FalleN became the new captain of Team Liquid

One of the Team Liquid players Keith 'NAF' Markovic said that the duties of the team captain have passed to the Brazilian legend. When Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo joined the team, this was expected by many, but he modestly said that the current in-game leader Jackie 'Stewie2K' Yip would continue to occupy the position.

NAF reported that the team has certain issues with the lack of a classic sniper and a classic captain. Recent performances have made it clear to them that they need to try something new. Markovic also explained that the decision to give the role of captain to FalleN was due to his rich experience and playing style in CS: GO. He believes that Liquid will now have interesting ideas that will help the team win matches.

According to NAF, the Brazilian is also a good offside leader as he instills confidence in his teammates.

There are already discussions on the Internet regarding the decision by Liquid. FalleN supporters believe that such an action will be beneficial for the team, while another part is already burying Team Liquid along with their successes.