Rumor: steel will retire from CS: GO to continue on to Valorant

Jarek 'DeKay' Lewis revealed that Joshua 'steel' Nissan will end his career as a professional CS: GO player in order to start a career with the recently released Valorant.

The Canadian started his career in CS: Source 10 years ago, after which he moved to CS: GO along with other players. During his journey, Joshua managed to earn a little over $ 100,000 and play in such clubs as iBUYPOWER, mTw, Torqued, Ghost Gaming, Chaos Esports Club and others. The cybersportsman is known for taking part in a fake match during one of the ESEA seasons, being in the ranks of iBUYPOWER and receiving a ban at the championships from Valve by the CS: GO developers.

At the moment, the player is listed in the ranks of the Chaos Esports Club, which he joined on November 11 last year. So far, neither the player nor the organization have commented on the rumor. According to DeKay's information, following steel's departure, the vacant seat is likely to be filled by Edgar 'MarkE' Jimenez.