Team Spirit became the winners of Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 8!

Chopper and his teammates did not concede a single card to their opponents from ESPADA in the grand final. It was interesting to watch how fellow countrymen came together against each other, especially considering that on both maps played, the intrigue persisted until the very end. Train and Mirage finished 16-14, and the teams were twice a step away from overtime.

The eighth week of Eden Arena Malta Vibes took place from 20 to 24 August. The total prize pool, as in other cases of Eden Arena Malta Vibes, was $ 40,000.

Championship results

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 9 started today and will end on August 30th. In the first matches of Group A, the winners were MAD Lions, who beat GamerLegion with a score of 19-16, and the Apeks, who beat Illuminar Gaming with a score of 16-6.