DreamHack OS 2020 Oceania: Event Digest

On the night of August 8, the opening matches of the DreamHack OS 2020: Oceania tournament were played. 4 teams started the battle for the title and $ 40,000 in prize money.

More about the DreamHack OS 2020 Oceania Tournament

The honor to open the tournament fell to a pair of Renegades and Rooster. The match was played in bo3 format. The first map was quite tense, but Renegades managed to take the opponent's pick and closed Overpass with a score of 16-10. Already on the second map, Rooster responded in kind and took Nuke to their piggy bank with a score of 16-9. The final map was Inferno, where Renegades beat their rivals 16-5.

The second match was the confrontation between ORDER and Avant Gaming. The first map was Train, which Order closed with a score of 16-11. The defeat at their peak clearly knocked Avant out of action, as they were unable to show games on the second map. Mirage ended 16-5 in favor of ORDER.

Thus, the first pair of semi-finalists were Renegades and ORDER. Rooster and Avant Gaming went to the lower bracket of the championship. The semi-final match between Renegades and ORDER starts at 12:30 CET.