Ze Pug Godz signs ex-Swole Patrol players

Marke, Zellsis and Cooper- will reunite in a team in order to begin to make their way to the top of the glory of CS: GO. Previously, they played under the Swole Patrol tag until May. It is noteworthy that Infinite also participated in the matches, representing the interests of Swole Patrol, but did not intersect with any of these trinity.

The fifth player on the team is ADNROID, who has earned over $ 90,000 in his career. The previous roster he played in was Team Envy. From March 22 of last year to January 1 of this player was part of an active roster, after which he was transferred to the reserve and sat on the bench until February 25. Before joining Ze Pug Godz, ANDROID was a free agent.

Now the roster Ze Pug Godz is as follows:

Ze Pug Godz are:

Austin 'Cooper-' Abadir
Jordan '⁠Zellsis⁠' Montemurro
Edgar 'MarKE⁠' Maldonado
Gage 'Infinite⁠' Green
Bradley 'ANDROID⁠' Fodor