Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 2: event digest

Yesterday the teams played four matches in the playoff stage. According to their results, HellRaisers, ALTERNATE aTTaX, forZe and Endpoint reached the semifinals. The defeated Budapest Five, CR4ZY, Syman and AVEZ completed their path in the championship and took 5-8 places in the standings, without any cash prizes.

Yesterday's game results

Today we will be able to watch the game of the semi-finalists who have reached the next round.


The Eden Esports Malta Vibes Week 2 Tournament began July 9th and will end today. The total prize pool will be $ 40,000, and the four best participants will be engaged in its distribution today. 3-4 places will receive $ 2,500 each, the vice-champion will earn $ 10,000, and the tournament triumph will become the owner of the main prize of $ 25,000.