Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 2: ALTERNATE aTTaX reached the Grand Final!

The first match of the semi-finals was completed. According to its results, ALTERNATE aTTaX became the winners, beating HellRaisers with a score of 2-1. HR naturally took 3-4 place in the championship and earned a cash prize of $ 2,500. stfN with its teammates has already secured a top 2 and a minimum prize of $ 10,000.

After the match between forZe and Endpoint, another participant will be determined, who will take 3-4th place in the standings, as well as another grand finalist. In our forecast, we talked about how we consider the forZe team to be our favorite. Whether we are right or not will know very soon!


The Eden Esports Malta Vibes Week 2 Tournament began July 9th and will end today. The total prize pool will be $ 40,000, and the four best participants will be engaged in its distribution today. 3-4 places will receive $ 2,500 each, the vice-champion will earn $ 10,000, and the tournament triumph will become the owner of the main prize of $ 25,000.