Rumor: Valve will not migrate CS: GO to Source 2

Tyler McVicker previously said that Valve wants to port CS: GO to a new version of its engine. Despite the transfer of the game to the second version of the updated Source Engine, CS: GO should not have been radically different from its predecessor.

During one of his streams, Tyler said the following:

“There will be no transition from CS: GO to Source 2. Valve had a meeting about this: the studio decided that this project required too much work. At the moment, the transition to Source 2 is not planned.

Developers are not going to do this. For about two years they had a build on the new engine, but the matter is not in the game itself, but in the transfer of user-generated content. They cannot quickly port a huge library of such content. If Valve ever deals with this problem, the transition to Source 2 will take place, but not so far. ”