Rumor: FaZe Clan wants to buy ALEX from Team Vitality

Recently there was information that Vitality requested FaZe Clan $ 600,000 for ALEX, which Europeans want to buy. Guillaume 'neL' Canelo usually shares information that later turns out to be true, so there really is a chance of such a price on ALEX. Vitality commented on the portal and said that they were indeed in the negotiation phase regarding the redemption of the ex-captain of the team represented by ALEX. The club, which is interested in this player, has retained its anonymity.

According to the information available, player requests were sent by eSports organizations such as FaZe Clan, FunPlus Phoenix, C0ntact Gaming, Cloud9 and Gen.G Esports.

ALEX played in the main Team Vitality team from the end of 2018 to March 2020. The player went inactive due to the fact that he was tired of traveling and wanted to go on vacation. It is noteworthy that a week after the departure of ALEX, quarantine was announced in many countries, and all tournaments moved to the online space.