lattykk joins VP.Prodigy

The Russian esports organization has announced changes to its CS:GO youth roster by signing a contract with lattykk. Note that earlier the 16-year-old Russian player represented the colors of NAVI Junior.

Vladislav "lattykk" Vydrin officially joins the VP.Prodigy CS:GO team as a sniper. Vladislav took part in several test games during which he impressed the players and the coach by showing a high level of play for his age. As part of the current roster rotation, Evgeny "delus1onn" Plottsov has been transferred to the reserve and put up for transfer.

lattykk appeared on the scene at the beginning of last year, becoming part of NAVI Youth. Six months later, the 16-year-old Russian player moved to NAVI Junior, with whom he played in the WePlay Academy League Season 3, taking 7-8th place and not making it to the LAN finals.

Newcomer VP.Prodigy comments:

At the beginning of my career, my friends and I played only in mixes and on different lans, after which I received several invitations to test from other teams. At that moment, I chose NAVI Junior. After the kick of Russian players was announced, I received an offer to take tests at As you can see, everything went well, which makes me very happy and unspeakably happy. I will try very hard not to let the guys down and go only forward!

The organization also announced the transfer to the reserve roster delus1onn, who has been playing for VP.Prodigy since December 2021.

From now on, the CS:GO roster of VP.Prodigy is as follows: