Apeks announces parting ways with youth roster

The Norwegian esports organization Apeks announced the parting with the youth line-up Apeks Rebels. As the main reason, the club's management cites interest in players from other organizations, which is why the team could no longer play together.

We are sad to announce that the Apeks Rebels will no longer stay together as a five.

After what was nothing short of a fantastic performance in Philadelphia, there was some interest from other teams in our players. As a result of this, both Trax and Sly will leave the Apeks Rebels project.

Apeks Rebels will end the current Telialigaen season as their last tournament together, but daily practice and other tournaments are cancelled. In the near future, we will focus on building Apeks Rebels 2.0. We are very confident in this project and will still be working on creating young talent.

We won't be contacting other teams about roster changes until the end of the regular season as we don't want the same instability on other teams by the end of the season.

The Apeks Rebels youth roster was born last summer. In eight months, the Norwegian team took second place at Fragadelphia 16, and also became third at Telialigaen Fall 2021. The team is currently playing at Telialigaen Spring 2022: Regular Season, which will last until May 2.

The Apeks Rebels roster is as follows: