HEET is the champion of ESL Challenger League Season 40: Europe

ESL Challenger League Season 40: Europe has come to an end. At the championship, which was held online from January 25 to April 3, 16 teams from Europe fought for a prize pool of $50,000, as well as a ticket to the ESL Pro League Conference Season 16. The winner of the tournament was the HEET team, which outplayed 1WIN with a score of 3:2.

The tournament for the future winner began with a difficult performance at the group stage, during which HEET lost to Akimbo (1:2), but turned out to be stronger than BLINK (2:0) and Copenhagen Flames (2:1), making it to the playoffs.

Here the French team outplayed Wisła Kraków (2:0) in the quarterfinals, but the very next day they lost to 1WIN (0:2), falling into the lower bracket. However, HEET managed to get back into the fight, beating ECSTATIC (2:1), Wisła Kraków (2:1) and SAW (2:1), making it to the grand final.

In the decisive match, the French managed to quickly close the gap, finishing Vertigo with a confident defeat. But if the teams exchanged spades further, then on the decisive map of Dust 2 matHEND's wards managed to show a little more perseverance in order to get a hard-fought victory over 1WIN (3:2).

Results of ESL Challenger League Season 40: Europe