⁠maLeK⁠ may get banned by ESIC for using coaching bug

⁠maLeK, who is currently leading the North American team Evil Geniuses, may receive a ban from ESIC for using a coaching bug. This is evidenced by the investigation of the Jaxon portal, which refers to the evidence presented by ropz and Luis Mira.

As evidence, Luis Mira published an anonymous recording of the match, which shows how the coach of one of the teams uses a prohibited bug. In response to this, ropz threw off the presented moment in the game between G2 Esports and fnatic within Esports Championship Series Season 6 - Finals .

The evidence base shows that the coach of one of the teams, using a third-person view, could receive information about opponents who are attacking the point. After analyzing the recording of the game, the journalists came to the conclusion that this coach was ⁠maLeK⁠, since it was he who headed G2 Esports and was on the server with his team.

Recall that earlier ESIC decided to return to the large-scale coaching bug scandal, resuming two investigations. It is expected that at least 52 coaches are under the gun, who used the bug to varying degrees, but remained untouched after the first wave of bans in the fall of 2020.

In the fall of 2020, ESIC banned 37 coaches who were caught using a camera bug. Some well-known specialists have been sanctioned, including F_1N⁠, RobbaN, pita, HUNDEN, Twista and ⁠ruggah.

In turn, maLeK misses the start of ESL Pro League Season 15, as the 36-year-old specialist was forced to return to France for treatment.

It is expected that the final results of the investigation will be published before the start of PGL Major Antwerp 2022.