NAVI beat Heroic at BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021

NAVI beat Heroic at BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021. Now the CIS team will play in the final of the upper bracket with the winner of the Vitality - Astralis match.

The meeting began on the Inferno map, which became the choice of the Danish team. However, after a relatively equal start, NAVI found its game, managing to get three rounds of advantage. After the switch-over, Heroic began to recoup until Born to Win adjusted to the Danes' defenses. As a result, NAVI closed the opponent's pick without any problems and came out ahead in this series - 16:11.

Then the teams moved to the Mirage map, where the Danes showed confident defensive play, having received a two-fold advantage before switching sides. In the second half, cadiaN and the company continued to bend their line, quickly taking the fifteenth round. However, here the "Born to Win" joined the game, which showed character to close the gap and get closer to overtime. Nevertheless, the Danes managed to show a successful occupation of the A bombsite, thereby disrupting the opponent's comeback - 16:14.

Everything was decided on the Overpass map, where the advantage instantly went into the hands of Heroic. However, NAVI managed to adjust defensively, thereby gaining a two-fold advantage in rounds. The side switching was beneficial to the Danish team, which managed to catch up with NAVI and gain a psychological advantage over their rival. And yet, Born to Win managed to level their economy, and at the same time show a series of cool rounds, having obtained a second victory in the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 - 16:12.

After this defeat, the Heroic team falls into the second round of the lower bracket, where they will face the winner of the Liquid - NIP pair.


BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 takes place from November 24 to 28 at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. Eight teams from Europe, CIS and North America for a prize pool of $ 425,000, as well as the main prize - a ticket to BLAST Premier World Final 2021.