Gambit and Fiend reach the semi-finals of V4 Future Sports Festival 2021

Gambit and Fiend reached the semifinals of the V4 Future Sports Festival 2021. Now the teams will play with BIG and Entropiq, respectively. Well, we are summing up the results of the two quarterfinals.

Gambit - Enterprise

The first quarterfinal began on the Dust 2 map, where the Czechoslovak team quickly seized the initiative, despite a fairly equal fight in all areas of the map. At the same time, the side switching did not change anything in the game of the teams, since Enterprise continued to press, gradually running forward. At the same time, the Russian team was unable to oppose anything to the opponent's attack, having recorded an unexpected defeat at its own peak - 12:16.

However, the description of the next two cards can be fit into one sentence, since Gambit, clearly angry with itself, first showed an exemplary game on the Inferno map, and then solved all the issues on Mirage, giving the opponent only nine rounds in total - 16: 3, 16: 6.

Movistar Riders - Fiend

The final quarterfinals were no less hot. Already on the Nuke map, the Spaniards made it clear that they did not intend to miss the opportunity and reach the semifinals. However, after a successful first half, Movistar Riders showed a disastrous defense, winning just three rounds. At the same time, the Bulgarian team accelerated, having managed to make a comeback, and at the same time snatch a victory at the opponent's peak - 16:12.

It all ended on the Mirage map, although the start did not bode well for the Spaniards, who finished the first half with a two-fold lead in rounds. However, Movistar Riders got off to a good start in the attack, winning a streak of three rounds. However, Fiend players joined next, showing phenomenal defense to close the opponent and reach the semifinals of the championship - 16:13.


Interim results of V4 Future Sports Festival 2021